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Every Stage is Unique!


Tankwa Trek Stage 1 with
Ernst van Dyk

Vertical Ascent: 580 metres

Distance: 32 kilometres


A brand new stage to showcase the tracks in and around Kaleo. Ernst van Dyk kept these beautiful cut singletracks under wraps for many years, letting it settle like a good red wine, and now is the time to reveal it all. To be exact, a punchy 32 km’s flowing through the orchards, riders finding their way past rocky outcrops and over dam walls with steep short climbs and magical descends. The tracks were meticulously built by Ernst himself, part of his “private reserve of trails” featuring the Northern and perhaps the most beautiful side of the Howbill farms, incorporating the homesteads of Parys and De Hoek. The stage is built around the spectators, so friends and family please join us in celebrating the latest in Tankwa initiatives, a brand new stage 1 - expect the faster guys to be in in just over 75 minutes with slower riders around 2 hours.

Water Point: 19km

Tankwa Trek Stage 2 with the
Hanekom Brothers

Vertical Ascent: 1 900 metres

Distance: 83 kilometres


A recently cut track takes riders towards the Witzenberg valley where Hannes and Sakkie Hanekom, who needs no introduction as mountain bikers, are responsible for this amazing route. The track into the valley is via an old ox wagon trail recently opened and boasts a fast winding single and jeep track descend. A single track over rocky outcrops hugs the foothills of vast mountains towering over the valley. Eventually leading riders onto the climb of the day, a 12 km traverse through pine plantations that ends up overlooking Tulbagh on the right and the stunning Witzenberg valley on the left. A well-earned, but tricky descend bring riders back into the heart of the valley; a short tar road section leads to the exit via the ox wagon track. Another 15km’s and riders will be home after a great day of pure mountain biking. The second hardest day of this year’s race.

STAGE 2: Official spectator, feeding and technical point

Water point 1:
Official spectator and feeding zone 1 - 23km
From Kaleo take the R303 towards Ceres and turn right into the Witzenberg Valley, follow the road for 5.4km and turn right at the spectator point directional arrow - follow this road until you reach the water point on your right. Please park out of the way.

Water point 3:
Official spectator and feeding zone 2 - 59km
GPS S33 15.730 E19 13.602

From water point 1 turn back the same way you came and drive for 2.9 km and turn right at the T-junction. Follow the road for 5.7 km until you reach water point 3. Look out for the directional arrows, this one is trickier to find.

Neutral technical service

Stage 2 will offer neutral technical service at water points 1 and 3 only.

Water Point 1: 23km  |   Water Point 2: 44km  |   Water Point 3: 59km  |   Water Point 4: 71km

Tankwa Trek Stage 3 with Mauritz Walters

Vertical Ascent: 2 200 metres

Distance: 87 kilometres


A start through the race village take riders away from Kaleo through the orchards of the Bokkeveld towards the Ceres valley via a brand new single track, aptly labelled the DUTOIT drop. A 3 km single track descend with a 10% decline! Once in the valley, riders will tackle a few more old trails cleaned up by local farmer Mauritz Walters and Tankwa Trek single track guru, Ernst van Dyk. They have planned a tough but very rewarding day out, the 4 water points and over 2000 meters of climbing probably made the penny drop! The approach to the climb of all climbs is through undulating farm roads until the water point marks the start of the solid-surfaced jeep track that takes you up and up towards the mast, also known as the Merino Monster. Taking into account the weather, its proximity into the race and the gradient this is probably the meanest ascend in SA mountain biking. The climb will be well rewarded by a mind blowing descend down to Kaleo. Definitely a tough day!

STAGE 3: Official spectator, feeding and technical point

Water point 1:
Official spectator and feeding zone 1 - 27km
GPS S33 18.290 E19 22.320

From Kaleo take the R303 into Ceres and turn left into Sarel Cilliers Street, drive for 4.2km until you reach water point 1. Please park out of the way.

Water point 3:
Official spectator and feeding zone 2 - 56km
GPS S33 14.766 E19 30.256

From water point 1 take the R303 towards Prince Alfred Hamlet, proceed through the town and turn left at the directional arrow towards the R46. Proceed until you reach the R46 and turn left towards the Theronsberg pass, drive for 10km and turn left towards Merino. Follow directions.

Neutral technical service

Stage 3 will offer neutral technical service at water points 1 and 3 only.

Water Point 1: 27km  |   Water Point 2: 45km  |   Water Point 3: 56km  |   Water Point 4: 64km

Tankwa Trek Stage 4 with Charl van der Merwe

Vertical Ascent: 1 250 metres

Distance: 89 kilometres


Single track here we come, Koue Bokkeveld style... The day starts with undulating roads where riders can share war stories of the days gone by, farm roads and a bit of jeep track will take everyone towards Morester, a farm owned by Charl van der Merwe. Mountain biking mad Charl spends loads of time cutting in new single track around the harsh and incredible rock formations that the area is so well known for, this is his passion. His apples are known to miss him when he leaves home for days on end only armed with his bike and shovel. Around 30km’s of sculptured single track will be unleashed on this day, riding never experienced before, tracks through rock formations, narrow water crossing bridges and a route flowing back towards the finish of a ride never to be forgotten – the Tankwa Trek is changing the face of mountain biking, be there. Pure bliss!

STAGE 4: Official spectator, feeding and technical point

Water point 2:
Official spectator and feeding zone 1 - 57km
GPS S32 58.492 E19 22.949

From Kaleo take the R303 towards Citrusdal, proceed through Op die Berg and just after the town turn right towards Morester. Follow the road for 8.8 km until you reach the water point on your left. Please park out of the way.

Neutral technical service

Stage 4 will offer neutral technical service at water points 2 only.

Water Point 1: 32km  |   Water Point 2: 57km  |   Water Point 3: 74km 


  2. There will be neutral mechanical assistance at the points as stipulated above but riders must still ensure that they carry adequate spares and also a replaceable derailleur hanger (these are bicycle specific)
  3. No following vehicles will be allowed on the Tankwa Trek cycle route, if any vehicle transgressing in this regard can be linked to a specific rider or team, immediate disqualification applies. Marshalls and officials have strict orders to enforce this.